The beauty of handed down
The copper art family is good at interpreting the essence of gold and copper with bronze sculptures. After years of accumulation, it has gathered a large number of outstanding artists. The original design of more than 1,000 artworks covers life, home, gift, seal, and religion. Multi-layered living aspects such as utensils, tea wares, and exotic customs. Artists always pay attention to the development of art, constantly update their creative thinking, and take the "art works forever creating beautiful people" as the driving force of creation. They are committed to creating a modern aesthetic and new life for the owners of each copper art family.
Ceremony is a kind of object that we express our love, kindness and respect to our relatives and friends. On special days, the Tongyi family will customize the unique gifts
that are unique and expressive, so that you can meet at every important moment. Different, stand out.
Business gifts
Vast fortune and good luck
festival gifts
Happy every year, safe every year
Housewarming gift
Family harmony wealth and good fortune
Wedding Gifts
Sweet love forever
Portrait sculpture is a special art different from other art forms. It is a noble and elegant imprint. The copper art family will provide customized service for VIPs.
According to the photos or videos provided by VIPs, after full communication,
the artist will re-understand Capturing the traits of the characters and shaping the visual image of the identity of the "shape and the gods".